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Mission Statement

Our mission is to continue growing and being the top rated pressure washing and home services company in middle Tennessee by offering superior workmanship and quality results that go above and beyond expectations.

Company Vision

Our vision is to expand our services into new marketplaces by 2020. We are currently serving over 30 cities and we are looking at having several more trucks working 7 counties in the spring of 2019 to meet the growing demand for our award-winning pressure washing and home services in the middle Tennessee marketplace.

Personal Values

Selflessness, fairness, honesty, and commitment to community involvement by helping our schools, churches, senior citizens and military Veterans. Our actions are educating others that success is achieved by helping others to become successful.


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Why People Hire Us

Advanced Equipment: We have state-of-the-art equipment, not the kind you can buy at your local home improvement store.

Safe Practices: Our business must follow strict OSHA and EPA regulations regarding runoff water and using environmentally-safe chemicals and detergents used in our pressure washing services.

Insurance: We carry over $1 Million dollars in General Liability insurance to provide peace of mind and accountability during our services.

Efficiency: Since 1989 and over 30 year’s of industry experience to do the job quickly and efficiently with only the very best in quality results.

Creditable: Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau Nashville. JB Power Wash is a Nashville Super Service Award winner on Angie’s List the last six (6) years in a row, since joining in 2013!


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